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Gary spent over 8 years in the Armed Forces. Gary did tours on HMS Illustrious, HMS Brilliant and had a short period in Northern Ireland. Gary worked with the Royal Marines for a short period. Gary completed two tours of the former Yugoslavia and also worked with NATO during his military career. Gary can advise on the civilian and military entrance tests. Please contact him if you have any questions.

Gary is a qualified Personal Trainer and is also accredited to offer Boxing and Pad based fitness, Circuits and Spin group classes. Gary is also an NLP Practioner. Gary believes sports and fitness can have a very positive impact on our lives. Gary has a Diploma in Fitness Instruction and Personal Training.

Since leaving the armed forces Gary has had several corporate roles working within the developing Services Sector. Gary has also started several businesses and looks forward to developing Full Bottle Fitness with Tina. Gary is excited about developing a business that will improve the lives of people in Mid Bedfordshire. Gary and Tina have lived in Mid Beds for over 20 years and have no plans to move.

Gary will develop the training sessions and fitness classes offered by FBF and will start to market FBF locally. You will often see Gary at Boot Camps, please share your ideas and requests with Gary.

Gary is leading the loaded marching sessions and will be building up our social and endurance events for 2016. Please let Gary know what events are in your goals for this year?

I can honestly say it's made a massive impact on my life! Joining Full Bottle Fitness isn't just another fad exercise programme or some crazy crash diet, my lifestyle and daily choices have changed and for the better.

Lyndsey, Haynes (Personal Training & Classes)

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