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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where does the training take place?

Most of our clients are from mid Bedfordshire or the surrounding areas where we carry out run training as well as outdoor circuits / boot camps and loaded marching. However, we can also train in your own home or garden.

We are constantly out developing new routes for running and cardio training so even if you're already a runner, why not get in contact and see what we can offer. We specialise in High Intensity training and this is at the core of all of our sessions.

Why should I use a physical trainer? I can do it by myself.

Of course you can train alone and we would recommend that you do, in addition to the time you spend with us. However, we believe that we can help motivate you and guide you so that your training becomes much more focused and effective.

We can't do the excercise for you, but we can advise and direct you. We can detect when your posture or form isn't quite right or when you're carrying out an excercise dangerously. Also, we can recommend running routes and design personal training plans according to your own aims and goals.

How often should I train with you?

That's entirely up to you and depends on the amount of time you have and how committed you are. Two sessions a week with us and a further three independent sessions would be ideal, but we all have constraints on our time.

What are the benefits of the Fitness Boot Camp & High Intensity Fitness Classes?

Forget the idea of military style training and hellish assault courses that leave you crumpled in a heap after the end of a grueling session. Dismiss any notions you have of terrifying and confidence-knocking instructors screaming at your lack of physical prowess. Consider instead the real Fitness Boot Camp benefits. For this is an exercise program that can go a long way to improving your fitness levels in a safe and effective manner.

If you have no idea what Boot Camp involves then your first step is to find out? Call Tina to discuss your goals and let her answer your questions. The key is to not be afraid to ask what to expect and what benefits you can will get from starting. So what are the plus points of Fitness Boot Camps?

  • Concentrated focus: If you already keep active and fit with regular exercise then your attention is already geared towards health and fitness. However, at times, if you want to make big changes, such as to lose weight and tone up quickly and effectively, you may need to up the ante and focus in on your goal. Boot Camp is an ideal way to help you reach your target by honing in on what you want and offering intense exercise sessions to make sure you get there. If you have ever been fit your brain will remember, you might just need us to help you focus the mind.
  • Creates healthy expectations: Fitness classes which you can easily dip in and out of might offer a relaxed way of keeping in shape, but they don't necessarily generate a sense of personal responsibility. A Boot Camp where you're expected to show effort and determination, as well as commitment, can really inspire you to put healthy pressure on yourself. This in turn means that you're more involved and more motivated to not let down your trainer, the others around you and most importantly, yourself!
  • Motivates you to examine your lifestyle. Because of the focus on fitness in a Boot Camp environment, you naturally start to look at your life as a whole and how healthy you are. Assessments of your fitness levels, monitoring and working toward a goal, really highlight how exercise, diet and nutrition are linked, as well as all your other lifestyle choices. You might not get the same sense of interconnectedness from classes or sessions where you simply drop in and view as separate from the rest of your life.
  • Dynamic workout: Many people lose focus and motivation because they get bored. The whole point of Boot Camp is that it is as diverse as it is intense. If you add in the fact that you will be progressing and changing along the way, then you have an interesting exercise mix that should keep you engaged enough to realize your exercise goals.
  • Like-minded exercisers: Some people take up activities for the social scene, others because they are firmly fixed on a goal. A real positive about Boot Camp is that because of what it stands for, you are going to meet other people similar to yourself who want to seriously improve their lives and fitness. However, this shared goal means that there is a sense of camaraderie and support which is not always found in other exercise sessions.
  • Faster results: Boot Camp is effective at identifying ways of reaching health and fitness goals in a faster way. Left to your own devices you might struggle to get there at all and classes or sessions which repeat one style of exercise might not deliver the right results on time either.

Boot Camp may be a challenge but because it is something you can really get to grips with the benefits are greater than the sum of each training session. Find out about what Boot Camp can do for your body, mind and soul! Speak to Tina if you want help with your goals or feel you need to improve your technique. The FBF team are all here to help. Feel free to ask Tina, Rob and Dean any questions you have at any time.

Tina Sales - Full Bottle Fitness
Lead Fitness Expert

If you have a question that we've not covered, feel free to get in touch with us.

If you find going to a gym a struggle, then maybe the element of openness and fresh air that outdoor sessions bring is just what you need? I have tried all of them. My fitness levels are the best I've had in my adult life. I have attended Boot Camps, Boxercise and the Loaded Marching sessions. I have made some good friends in my time at Full Bottle Fitness and even in the depths of winter we still turn out to get muddy and support one another.

Jon, Flitton (Classes)

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