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Personal Training

Hazel from Shefford

Having had a bad car accident, two operations on my knee and putting on a lot of weight since we came to the UK, I knew I had to lose weight but I really couldn't be bothered with going to gyms, etc. I found an article on Loaded March and decided that I would like to try it, and turned up on Saturday morning but as my 'bad knee' couldn't cope after the second attempt, I then turned to boot camps and with Rob as my personal trainer, my confidence has soared. Rob pushes me all the time but manages to know when I have had enough! He keeps an eye on me during boot camp so I can't get away with anything and I am managing to do 'proper' press ups and even managing to do burpees, which I didn't even try to attempt when I first started.

I feel better in myself and it is all due to Rob and the effort he puts in to make sure that I am pushed out of my 'comfort zone'. He is always there when I ask for help, and when I decide to run up hills in freezing rain he is there with me. The 'homework' I am given isn't too strenuous and I manage to do it most of the time!

I am thoroughly enjoying myself, much to the disbelief of my family and friends. The boot camps are fun and because of Rob's encouragement and support I know that I will keep turning up and hopefully getting better and fitter in time for One True Grit in October.

Hazel - Full Body Fitness member

Caroline from Shillington

Never would I have believed that at my time of life I would be enjoying exercising outside in all weathers - but I am! I hate gyms but wanted to do something to get fit and trim down so I searched on line for a personal trainer so I could explore what other options there were for me... and I found Full Bottle Fitness and Tina!

I instantly knew that Tina would be right for me; I see her once a week and each session is different which is great. She is really flexible and helps me fit in my sessions around my work. After a few weeks I felt confident enough to brave my first Boot Camp and was so surprised how much fun it was (hard work, but fun!).

Each session and each week we get taken though our paces doing such a variety of exercises and everyone that goes is friendly and fun - not intimidating at all (which was my fear!). Since starting on this mission just over 3 months ago I feel so much fitter and am losing inches.. I have achieved things I never thought possible (like running and aiming to do a 10KM this year) and voluntarily going out on a dark, sub zero night to exercise on a sports field! Thanks Full Bottle Fitness and especially Tina.

Caroline Jameson - Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Victoria from Shefford

Thank you so much to fbf for helping me get this far. Tina Sales is such a great person to get fit with. She motivates, encourages and boosts. I have been seeing Tina for 12 weeks now and I am amazed at the difference. I feel fitter, stronger, and my back feels tonnes better. I love how you have catered to my individual needs and helped me set realistic goals. Thank you for showing me that I am not a write off and that my back problem is no reason to not get fit.

In 12 weeks I have lost a total of 14 inches all over. 5 from my stomach. 3 from my hips. 4 from my chest and 2 from my bust.

Thank you again and I would highly recommend you. I am looking forward to the next 12 weeks and setting more goals.

Victoria Wheatley

Natalie from Shefford

For the past 5 years my weight was constantly going up and down through a ritual of dieting and losing weight then putting even more back on.

May 2014 was my ten year wedding anniversary, which I had planned on losing weight for but instead was so disappointed with myself as I had put on 2 and half stone since May the previous year. I had accepted that I was fighting a losing battle so decided to stop 'fighting' and live with the fact that I was getting fatter every year.

Then Tisha introduced me to Sam! I was petrified of going to that first boot camp as I was so unfit and had never exercised before, it was really hard but I loved it. After a month of doing boot camp once a week I asked Sam for one to one training to help me lose weight.

Sam is brilliant, he pushes me but understands my limits and is always motivating me to keep going when I want to stop. He has come up with a program which I can follow at home and fits into my schedule as a mum of two young children.

I had never appreciated the benefits of exercise before, I feel more energized, healthier and more confident.

In terms of weight loss so far I have lost almost a stone, I've dropped a dress size and have lost 9 cm's off my waist! I cannot praise Sam enough, he is a brilliant personal trainer, if you follow what he tells you to do it really does work, you do see and feel the results.

Natalie - Full Bottle Fitness member

Lyndsey from Haynes

I've been meaning to write a review for some time and never really knew where to start. But this morning I finished a 10k run with Tina in our quickest time since I started and today I feel proud of my achievement and feel it's the right time to shout about how much I love training with Full Bottle Fitness and how it's changed my life! Dramatic I know but I honestly mean it.

I joined FBF about a year and I can honestly say it's made a massive impact on my life! Joining FBF isn't just another fad exercise programme or some crazy crash diet, my lifestyle and daily choices have changed and for the better.

I've had years of forcing myself to go to the gym and trying loads of different diets but I made the decision this time last year that I needed to find a way to get control of my health and improve my fitness. I saw FBF advertising and by chance they were launching a new boot camp in my village and I saw this as my opportunity to try something new. Yes I was worried about the mud, the rain and the cold but I thought if I don't give it a go I'll never know - I went to the first Saturday session and I've not looked back since.

Training with FBF is completely different to going to the gym, it's fun, open and everyone is so friendly. We are all there for the same reason, to improve our fitness and no one judges - you take each session at your own pace and adapt it to your level of ability. When I started, I couldn't even run for 30 seconds without thinking I was going to pass out and now I'm running 10k weekly with Tina - yes it's not the fastest 10k that anyone has ever ran but it's at my pace and I'm improving weekly. The boot camps are so varied and you never know what you're going to be doing until you turn up (apart from what part of the body you are focusing on), this helped me so much as going to the gym felt like the same routine every time but boot camps mix it up each time. Tina, James and Josh are great trainers and are there to support you through everything.

As well as the varied boot camps, FBF offer indoor classes which are a great addition and help on those days where you don't feel like being outside! Metafit is a shorter session but by no means easier!! I love these sessions as they are pure HIIT intense sessions but are over before you know it - again these session are adapted to suit each person's ability so you can go at your own pace. The other indoor session is Boxercise and it's a great way to let the stress of the day out - you can always tell if someone has had a bad day! I have never sweated so much as I do at boxing, it's not all upper body, the cardio is high and is a great all round work out.

On top of the sessions, I also have personal training sessions with Tina to improve my stamina for running. PT isn't for everyone but it gave me that extra push I needed. The nutritional and dietary advice that Tina has given me has helped me so much. I'm not missing out on food, trust me I love my food, I'm just making sensible choices and swapping things here and there! Overall the PT package great value for money (works out cheaper than gym PT's) and is so flexible to work around work and home commitments.

I would recommend FBF to anyone who wants to get back into exercise, try something new or start exercise for the first time. Tina is just a phone call away and I can honestly say I wouldn't be where I am today with her! I've completed a 10k muddy obstacle race, have a 10k London road run booked for February and have hit the 4 stone mark for weight lost! Still got some way to go but I wanted put a review on so anyone thinking about joining can read the journey I've had and hopefully sign up too!

Lyndsey Cooper - Haynes

Jim from Shefford

Thanks for the PT sessions that are keeping me trim and helping me to lose those inches. Boxing is great fun as well. Apologies for the disco dancing with Amanda - getting the reputation as the naughty pair! Thanks Tina really enjoying it.

Jimbo - Shefford

Karin from Haynes

I had personal training sessions with James Digby for around six months. I found him very polite, punctual and easy to work with, as much as you can when doing PT! James listened to what I hoped to achieve and helped me get there. When I asked for exercises to do at home James sent them to me very quickly (didn't want me slacking).

For anyone looking for someone to help them get into shape and learn to enjoy exercising James is your man. He is a credit to Full Bottle Fitness.

Karin (Haynes) 27 March 2017

Claire from Henlow

Can't believe I've had my last PT today before we move out of the area soon. Brilliant session with the wonderful Josh, I'm going to hurt tomorrow!

Everyone at FBF has been lovely and encouraging, for someone who hated exercise I am really going to miss it and you all.

Massive thanks to Tina Sales and Josh for all your support, I never thought I'd get this far and have fun at the same time. You are both fab xxx

Claire Holmes

Fitness Classes

Kerry from Langford

My colleagues can't believe I go to boot camp on my day off and I just wish they would believe me when I tell them it's so much fun and they really could do it too!

I have been attending boot camps just over a year now and I've never had so much energy (which helps when you have a 5 year old), my clothes fit better and I have met some great people.

I never thought I would enjoy exercise so much, but I'm addicted and only wish I could attend more sessions.

Tina is so supportive and encouraging as are the other members. If I can do it, anyone can!

Kerry Banks (Saturday, June 11 16 09:59 pm BST)

Gareth from Wooten

Back in November 2015 I was a middle aged, over weight and terribly unfit man. I needed to do something to improve my health. I knew gyms wouldn't work as I didn't have the motivation to go or if I did, I would just do the easy exercises before heading to the bar. I don't like running and if I went cycling every direction was uphill. It was suggested that I went to a boot camp.

Boot Camp!!! All I could imagine was a group of 6ft plus marines powering through all the exercises and me, left miles behind, red faced, struggling to breath and crawling along. Oh how wrong was I.

The group at Full Bottle fitness are "normal" people in their 30s, 40s and 50s. It was easy to make friends and the banter between everyone is great. Yes its outside, yes it can sometimes be muddy, wet and a little cold at the start, but exercising has never been so much fun. Every session is different and each exercises has an easier and a more challenging version. We all work at our own pace and level. The instructors are fantastic and with a quiet word of encouragement, you push yourself to do that one more important rep.

I have been training with Full Bottle Fitness over the winter months (November to February) and I have become addicted to doing Boot Camps. It doesn't matter what my day has been like, or how good or bad I feel. After completing the session I feel a great buzz of energy and high on the drive home. The hardest part of the evening is getting off the sofa and driving to the session. Well I am still middle aged and getting older, but the fitness has improved and inches have been lost. I wish I had taken this up years ago.

If you want to get fit, make friends, change your body shape, then Full Bottle fitness is the place for you.

Gareth Lloyd (Thursday, March 03 2016 08:46 am GMT)

Mel from Meppershall

The Full Bottle Fitness team must be doing something right as even on these cold, wet evenings I am still going out and joining the training sessions.

What I like about the boot camps is that you don't have to commit to going to set sessions so I can turn up whenever I am able to. At the beginning when I was very unfit I was initially worried about being really self conscious but this wasn't the case. The groups are geared towards mixed abilities so whatever your fitness level is you work to your own level. I have never felt uncomfortable at my lack of fitness.

Everyone is always really friendly and we have a laugh too! As my fitness has improved I still get just as much out of the sessions by working to my level of fitness.

The boot camps are really varied so never get boring as you never know what to expect when you turn up! Although each one focuses on a certain area such as core, upper body etc so you get a good workout in each area and a great variety of exercises.

I have also enrolled on the boxercise sessions which have been really good. Hard work but I am feeling the results!!

My general fitness has improved so much and I have found muscles I never knew I had!! Also my health generally has improved such as my digestive system and my state of mind during these short, grim days of winter!

Thank you team FBF for making getting into shape so enjoyable!

Melinda (Mel) Bettsworth

Craig from Shefford

I started trying to lose weight and get fitter many months back. But I never found a training programme that I liked. The gym was always packed, and trying to get a regular work out routine was almost Impossible. I progressed onto one of those many 'outdoor boot camp' style clubs. The 'silly' warm up games made me feel self conscious, and in a group, your individual training technique is 'lost' amongst the crowd, plus there is always someone hogging the group instructors attention.

Finding Full Bottle Fitness has been a real game changer for me. One on one training is fantastic. The training is catered for me, and is constantly adapted to my needs and goals. I have the full undivided focus of the instructor and my technique is always monitored so I do fitness training safely and properly.

Since starting with full bottle fitness I have achieved new goals and regained some I had thought lost to me. I have completed a 10k obstacle mud run, done regular training and most importantly passed all my Royal Naval Reserves fitness tests and joined the Reserve forces after leaving the regulars nearly ten years ago. One on one training has been such a confidence boost to me, and made me enjoy training again, even when it's hard work!

Craig - Full Bottle Fitness member

Jemma from Hitchin

In September I visited my local army reserves centre to ask a few questions and have a look around. This was when I first met Sam. I was heavily overweight through years of drinking and bad diet but I'd already made the decision that things needed to change.

Sam was concerned by my lack of fitness and suggested that I give full bottle fitness a go to give me a helping hand. Admittedly my attempts to get my weight under control had come to a stand-still and I was starting to lose faith. Sam reminded me that I just needed to keep taking new approaches towards weight loss.

I decided that I would start the programme with Sam in December 2013, to get back to something near to my former fitness levels, and for that little extra helping hand.

It worked.

At the first session due to my lack of exercise over the years I pushed myself too hard and found that I could not complete the circuits. Sam told me not to worry even though I was severely disappointed with myself. He suggested stretches and exercise to try and pin point the problem areas. I came back the next day; he altered the training to allow me to continue at a steady rate. I soon found that I was able to run further and faster, complete harder circuits and actually function the next day!

Sam's been there every step of the way to stop me being too negative towards myself (my own bad habit). He will never push you further then you think you can go, as he says 'only you can feel it'.

With the help of this programme I've lost nearly 3 stone in weight, dropped 5 dress sizes and can complete the army's fitness requirements. I feel like myself again and I'm happier day-to-day, everyone notices the difference and even better I saw the results after just a few sessions.

The help and support I've had at full bottle fitness has been fantastic not just from Sam but from the other guys that are completing programmes. You meet some brilliant people that will help you along the way and give you that extra push when you need it.

Thank you so much to everyone I've met and especially to Sam whose knowledge has tailored the workouts to help me get the best possible results. There's so much more positive things I can say but I can't fit them all into a few paragraphs.

Thank you Full Bottle Fitness!

Jemma - Full Bottle Fitness member

Steve from Shefford

At the age of 43 I was more likely to reach for the biscuit tin than for my running shoes (actually I didn't have any running shoes), but something told me that I really ought to do something about my complete lack of fitness. I hadn't exercised for years, in fact truthfully not since PE at school and although I did a reasonable amount of walking, I was also aware that my waist was expanding, the dial on the scales was creeping up and I had reached the unhappy milestone of 100kg.

So having agreed to take part in the Full Bottle Fitness get fit training plan in an effort to get some control back I was feeling nervous, no terrified, at what I had signed up for. How hard would it be? Would I be able to do it? Would I look stupid? Could my body cope with the strain?

The programme starts with a bench marking exercise. A few simple tests to see what your body can do. I managed a feeble amount of press ups and an embarrassing zero sit ups in the allocated 2 minutes. This was followed by a 1.7 mile run against the clock. I'm afraid to say my male ego kicked in at this point and I practically sprinted off in an effort to impress after the sit up fiasco. Unfortunately this back fired and within 200 yards I was gasping for breath and had stopped running and was barely walking. Sam from Full Bottle didn't seem phased by this at all and just encouraged me to get going again while explaining what was happening to my body and how to control it.

At the start of the first full day Sam told me we were going to go for a longer run, but this time he was going to set the pace. I was shocked to find that 40 minutes later we had run over 3 miles - without stopping! If you had told me before we started the run that I would be able to run that far without stopping I would have laughed at you, but I had done it and it felt great. This was followed by a healthy banana before we set off on our 9 mile walk. The scenery was beautiful as we followed the Bunyan trail and the walk through peaceful fields was a relaxing break from the pace of modern life and I was beginning to feel that this whole get fit idea was actually going to be a piece of cake (sorry)! However all that changed with the final session of the day - circuit training. Now I had no idea what circuit training was, fast forward 45 minutes and I was close to tears, I could barely speak, and I ached all over, but I had done it, I had completed day 1 and I was still alive!

I am writing this having completed the programme, and if you are wondering what the end result was for me, I can tell you I feel stronger than ever, I'm about to run my first half marathon and my body shape has changed.

From a physical appearance aspect my face is thinner, and I lost 2 inches from my waist and off my thighs as well as losing a few pounds of weight. My fitness levels are better than at any point in my adult life and I love the complements I get from people on the street who can see the difference in me. I also feel a pride in myself for having completed the course, for really giving it everything I had, and I feel so healthy because of it.

Oh, and the circuits do get easier - I don't cry anymore!

Steve - Full Bottle Fitness member


Emma from Langford

This weekend I climbed the Yorkshire Three Peaks in the pouring rain and strong winds with my brother and sister.

It is a challenge I would never have considered or been able to achieve before joining Full Bottle Fitness!

It was hard work but I am elated to have completed the challenge. Thank you so much Tina for your continued support and training oh and I won't be at Metafit tomorrow as I can't walk!!

Emma Gunn (Langford) 4th September 2016

Jon from Flitton

After years of participating in circuit training in the gym I needed something a little more invigorating than staring at the same four walls a few times a week. I found this by accident after chatting to one of the instructors as we pushed our kids on the swings in Shefford.

The Full Bottle Fitness Personal Trainer invited me to come along and try it out. I am still enjoying it three years later, my fitness levels are the best I've had in my adult life. I have attended boot camps, Boxercise and the Loaded Marching sessions. I have now completed three "ONE TRUE GRIT" assault course challenges and have improved my times considerably. I also find that having these as a goal to aim for is a great driver.

As 40 year old male with a young child the evening class timings work perfectly for me to be able to put my daughter to bed and head out for my work out. Whether you are a full on fitness freak or someone looking to improve their fitness the classes allow all abilities to take part without feeling intimidated.

There is an element of cameraderi and friendliness that you just don't get in a gym and we all have a good laugh with each other and also with the instructors. I have made some good friends in my time at FBF and even in the depths of winter we still turn out to get muddy and support one another.

Don't worry about the cold it doesn't last for long once you get going.

If you find going to a gym a struggle, then maybe the element of openness and fresh air that outdoor sessions bring is just what you need. I fully recommend all of the Full Bottle Fitness sessions, I have tried all of them.

The sessions are good value and you do not have to commit to contracts, this gives me the flexibility I need due to my family commitments.

Jon Noon - Flitton 17th August 2016

Lisa from Chicksands

Absolutely loving the Full Bottle Fitness classes I'm attending. Boxercise is fab - mixture of pad work and cardio and body weight exercises. Tough but excellent! I burned 638 calories in one hour session!

The instructions are well explained for each move so no need to worry if you're a novice at boxing. Have also attended boot camp and I love the range of exercises and the fact that it's HIIT based so you work hard for short bursts then recover. I enjoy this type of training. All the instructors are brilliant and very helpful and encouraging.

If you haven't already done so - attend one of their classes! You won't regret it!


PT & Classes

Rachel from Shefford

Full Bottle fitness does what it says on the tin - it makes you Full Bottle Happy. After joining in June 2016 after a 2 year exercise hiatus, and feeling really quite unhealthy and unfit, my husband and I have tried all the classes and they really do work!! The facts speak for themselves - after 12 months we are still regularly attending the classes, still enjoying them and still improving - how many people can honestly say that after they join a gym!

The classes motivate you; they get you off the sofa and out of the house. Even in the depths of winter when all you want to do is hibernate, the draw of getting together with the FBF team on the muddy field to be put through your paces is something you look forward to. All the classes are really good fun and varied (none of that boredom that inevitably happens with gym routines) and there is a real sense of camaraderie with the rest of the gang. Our favourite has to be the Loaded March which combines the weighted walking and jogging, making the most of early Saturday mornings in the woods.

Don't be put off by the 'boot camp' phrase and outdoor aspect, the exercises can be tough, let's face it if you don't break out in a little sweat or ache a little the next day then it's probably not going to make you fitter or stronger, but it's as hard as you make it, and as your strength and endurance improves you will find you want to improve and do more. Yes it can be dirty but we all use old clothes in winter, gardening gloves are the trick to keeping your hands warm and clean and the dirt washes off. At the end of a session we all feel great, however cold we started and its fab when the weight starts to drop off and the muscles start to tone up!! My husband always comments about his agility and flexibility improving from doing the boot camps - the getting up of the floor and compound exercise really help you in everyday life which has to be a bonus.

FBF have classes every day allowing you to fit work and the ups and downs of life around the fitness you need to keep you on an even keel - being a chronic migraine sufferer this has been a massive benefit, helping me keep some structure to my exercise routine across the week.

When I started back in June I also decided to have a 12 week PT programme with Tina to get back into the routine of exercising and build up my core strength but I enjoyed it so much I continued with the sessions and feel it is a real investment in my health and well-being. Tina is really switched on to what you want to improve, understands how to challenge you without making it seem impossible and has been really supportive on my bad days, adapting exercises so I can still make the most of the time but being sympathetic to how I am feeling. I cannot recommend it highly enough - if you have a goal you want to hit, with a little support and structure from Tina and the team you really can achieve it, so why not give it a go!!

Over the last 12 months we have both become physically a lot stronger (I can even do full, grown-up push ups!) and can comfortably run for an hour and have completed 2 obstacle mud runs, the last one being 10 miles long!

FBF has improved our fitness but more importantly it has improved our quality of life and well-being.

Thank youTina and FBF - you make a difference.

David & Helen from Flitwick

I contacted Full Bottle Fitness to pop round and give us a free consultation after seeing their advert on FaceBook. My wife has high blood pressure and cholesterol and I knew exercise would help with that. Tina came round and gave us both a fitness test and we had a good chat about what our long term goals were. I hadn't planned on having personal training or joining in the classes myself. But it wasn't a lot more for me to be added to the plan. So we now both have personal training once a week. Meaning all classes indoor and outdoor are free. So we go to as many as possible, which is normally 4-5 times a week.

Helen has Tina for her PT sessions and I have Josh. These sessions are completely flexible and if you can't make one. It's changed to a more convenient time and date that suits you. We enjoy going to the classes together and have tried all of them. Meta fit is an intense high intensity 20 mins. The boot camps are very good and varied. Boxercise is great if you've had a stressful day. I also enjoy loaded march on a Saturday morning. Which is a great way to start your weekend with a bit of exercise. (Did I really just say that?) It's very social as well everybody is friendly and the classes are fun as well as hard work.

The home exercises I was given at the start took me 25 mins with breaks and I was exhausted at the end. Now I can do those exercises without stopping in under 10 mins as a warm up.

In summary me and Helen feel a lot fitter and have more energy. And have lost a collective 7 inches off our waists in 4 months.

I can't recommend FBF enough.

Jim Ashmore from Shefford

Having given up on gyms a few years ago largely due to boredom I was lucky enough to meet Tina Sales by pure chance. Tina explained the philosophy of Full Bottle Fitness which offers various ways for improving fitness levels. She also offered good advice on nutrition and healthy eating. As well as attending boxercise classes, Tina has been my Personal Trainer for well over a year. During that time my level of fitness has greatly increased as well as losing two stone in weight. All of Tina's advice has been tailored to my individual needs including dietary advice suitable for diabetics like myself. She is an excellent motivator putting effort and enthusiasm into all her classes. I had never thought that gaining a fitness level and retaining it could be fun. Come along and try one of the variety of classes on offer from Boot Camps, Boxercise as well as Personal Training.

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We enjoy going to the fitness classes together and have tried all of them. Metafit is an intense high intensity 20 mins. The boot camps are very good and varied. Boxercise is great if you've had a stressful day! I also enjoy loaded march on a Saturday morning. Which is a great way to start your weekend with a bit of exercise. (Did I really just say that?) It's very social as well everybody is friendly and the fitness classes are fun as well as hard work. We have lost a collective 7 inches off our waists in 4 months. I can't recommend Full Bottle Fitness enough.

David & Helen, Flitwick (Personal Training & Classes)

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