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Josh has lived in Haynes since he was born. Josh has a great passion and desire for sport and fitness. Since the age of 6 Josh has been playing football competitively. Josh was playing professional football at Luton Town FC. At Luton Town, he went all over Europe. This has helped Josh gain confidence, experience and discipline throughout his life because of these experiences with Luton Town.

Josh loves sport and wants to make sure clients get the same feelings when attending fitness sessions. Josh believes everybody can do fitness and enjoys seeing the improvements people make when they start training. During his football Josh has realised that discipline and high performance always make people feel good. Josh gets great satisfaction out of seeing changes in people when they have trained hard. Josh enjoys seeing people go through the transformation of adapting exercise at the beginning and then being able to smash out exercise only a few months later. Believe to Achieve! is Josh's best saying!!

Josh loves the different sessions at FBF. If you have any questions about group exercise or Personal Training, please feel free to ask him.

If you find going to a gym a struggle, then maybe the element of openness and fresh air that outdoor sessions bring is just what you need? I have tried all of them. My fitness levels are the best I've had in my adult life. I have attended Boot Camps, Boxercise and the Loaded Marching sessions. I have made some good friends in my time at Full Bottle Fitness and even in the depths of winter we still turn out to get muddy and support one another.

Jon, Flitton (Classes)

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